Contents Sales

Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting offers video material that we have recorded so far. We have a collection of close to 200,000 pieces including rare and precious footage as well as of landscapes, facilities, tourist destinations, seasonal scenery and festivals symbolic of Fukuoka today. The material is available for use in various TV programs, events, and websites.

Sales are limited to organizations in the public sector and private companies such as productions and advertising agencies. We do not sell directly to individuals.If you are interested in our services, please contact our international business department.

This service intends to provide video material that we own. Please contact us separately if you are interested in buying our TV programs. Even if the material does not exist in our archives, we would be pleased to arrange individual shootings about 5 hours in length (including time for transfer and preparation) within our broadcast area. However, this is limited to general types of material. For special orders, we will provide an estimate separately.


Onara Goro

Award-winning independent anime creator, Takashi Taniguchi's latest project- "Onara Goro".

"Onara Goro" is the most admirable fart who helps problems of humans in a very unique ways that only a fart can.
It's the one and only everyday heartfelt comedy Onara Goro and Onara fellows bring!


"When you gaze long into a screen, the screen also gazes into you."

When we look around us, we are surrounded by screens like TV, internet, security camera, entrance monitor…etc.
What if the screen shows you what you don't expect to see?
You might have an "Apparitional experience".

"KOWABON" is a stylish horror animation made with captivating rotoscoping technique.


Love Stories from Fukuoka [6-12]

An omnibus love-story drama series produced once a year by KBC in Fukuoka. The stories are all based on real life experiences of viewers in Fukuoka. Young popular actors, including the members of AKB48, play the main roles and some actors/ celebrities/ sports players who are associated with the Kyushu area in various ways appear in the drama as well.
As an additional appeal, since this drama is shot in Kyushu, mainly Fukuoka, viewers can recognize many famous sightseeing spots in each episode.